Digging For Hidden Jewels

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“Gotta get ya fingers dusty.” - Diamond D.

In musical terms of this thing called Hip Hop and specifically crafting its sound, digging in the crates formed the backbone, pushing producers to sonically manipulate and subsequently create new creations out of long-forgotten ones. Sounds were culled from sources far and wide and diggers scoured the globe in search of the next record, next break, next hit to set them apart from their peers, if for nothing more than being the first one to hook it up.

For many fans and producers alike, the “sample-based sound” is what they gravitate to even they can’t succinctly articulate why. These records have that certain “feel,” even if it’s just a familiar kick or snare that make you nod your head just a little harder. Think back to some of the truly classic Hip Hop tracks over the years and invariably this sound, despite the region and the era, and continues songs that sample directly from the source material or involved some sort of recreation or interpolation, retaining the essence as it permeates the new track. 

Besides our numerous and memorable crate digging adventures over the years, which we will be discussing by way of the visual and written word, we want to know about yours, too. Let us know about your digging excursions, but it keep it dusty. It’s great to score an ultra-rare OG of some out-of-print European psychedelic joint on eBay, but we’re more focused on the gems you score in the dollar bin. And by all means, send over the videos of you hooking up some of those dusty tracks, and turn that groove into something new. 










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