12 Bit Soul 8

12 Bit Soul 8

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It’s no mystery that live drums -mic’d, tuned, acoustically-positioned- form the basis of classic breaks, the foundation for Hip Hop and countless other genres created from the backdrop of the backbeat. Crafting those unique kick, snares, and percussion is no easy task and ofttimes a by-product of the recording processes and engineering in the analog era, before the digital revolution eliminated the signature nuances and imperfections and offered stylized tweaking in the form of plug-ins or VSTs. While these electronic accessories offer benefits of varying effectiveness, it’s seldom comparable to the real thing.

With the latest installment in the 12 Bit Soul series, Volume 8 takes a decidedly different path. This time out, Divided Souls Entertainment takes to the studio recording live drumming performances processed using the SSL stereo bus compressor. Refusing to simply stop there, the sound design is taken further as each hit and break is channeled through an analog mix board providing additional EQ’ing (Mackie 1604) and sampled directly into the Emu SP1200. Adding a little 12 bit grain changes the complexion of the live sound, allowing more of a breakbeat feel to the individual hits. As a added bonus, 20 programmed loops from the various riffs from the live session, allowing producers to incorporate license-free breaks in their sonic creations.

Live drum sound kits are by no means a new commodity. However, Divided Souls Entertainment expands on the concept by seasoning professional live recordings with their own 12 Bit Soul feel.

This kit includes:

  • 27 Kicks

  • 40 Snares/Claps/Rimshots

  • 22 Percussion

  • 10 Drum Rolls

  • 20 Programmed Loops