-MPC 1200 Sound Kit Vol.1

-MPC 1200 Sound Kit Vol.1

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The MPC drum machines have been the backbone of Divided Souls Productions, the classic 16 pads being the palette for many a beat. The ease of use and the knocking sound made the MPC an integral component in the producer’s arsenal. As loyal users of the SP1200, one had to ask: “What if the grit of the SP merged with the increased potential and 16 pad feel of the MP?”


Divided Souls Productions has decided to fuse the feel of their SP1200 drum files with the Akai software. Their inaugural sound kit 12 Bit Soul Volume 1 has been newly processed and uploaded into the MPC, while keeping the original sound intact. MPC1200 turns brings your MPC into the world of the SP with just a few clicks, so you can get busy on the beats…just load and go.


Sounds included (128 total over eight groups):


48 Kicks


48 Snares


10 Claps


6 Percussions


16 HiHats