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Join our global community of creators! Sign up as a vendor, create and sell your music
products, and explore our VR recording studio and music games. Experience the future of
music and entertainment.

Immersive VR Environment

Dive into our state-of-the-art virtual reality studio. Create,
collaborate, and produce in an interactive and immersive space that brings your creative visions
to life.

Open Your Vendor Shop for Free

Open up your vendor shop and start profiting from your art,
music, or products on our platform.

Open Source Freedom

Developers, unleash your creativity and push the boundaries of
innovation on our open-source platform. Shape the future of culture and beyond.

Customized Packs

Request custom sample packs or loops tailored to your preferences using
our AI tool.

Tutorials and Workshops

Access regular tutorials, workshops, and masterclasses on
advanced music production techniques.

Collaboration Opportunities

Collaborate with other producers in the community within the 12
Bit Soul Fusion metaverse.

Feedback Sessions

Receive personalized feedback on submitted tracks from experienced
music producers.

Discounts on Partner Products

Enjoy exclusive discounts on complementary music production
products and services.

Members-Only Community

Access a private online community for networking and
collaboration within the 12 Bit Soul Fusion metaverse.

Licensing Opportunities

Opportunities to license your music content for use in films, TV, and

Early Access to Events

Get early access or discounted tickets to music production workshops
and industry events.

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