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“When the concept of 12 Bit Soul comes to mind, most people equate it with the Emu SP1200 sampling drum machine and other hardware from that era, evoking images of a grittier sound and a rugged ‘less is more’ mentality. Today, we’ve graduated from 10 seconds of sample time, and have almost unlimited creative tools at our disposal, but our musical foundation is built upon that analog grit and creative invention that spawned a long list of classics. 12 Bit Soul exemplifies this spirit of music production and sound design. Even as we embrace innovative and exciting new music creation tools, we keep one foot firmly rooted in the past while always pushing the sound forward.”

With over 20 years experience in recording, writing and production, 12bitsoul provides quality beats, sound packages, kits, production and songs for sync.

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Credits include: BET, MTV, ESPN, Public Enemy, Killer Mike, Tricky Stewart, Needlz, Grammy-winning songwriting/production, Native Instruments, Akai