12 Bit Soul-Keepers of the Boom Bap 2

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Reignite the golden age and resurrect the spirit of boom bap with 12 Bit Soul-Keepers of the Boom Bap 2! This essential drum library doubles down on the vintage vibes, delivering a treasure trove of meticulously crafted sounds that pay homage to the legendary samplers of yesteryear.

Unleash the fury from the drum folder:

  • Kicks: Bone-rattling and low-end heavy, these kicks provide the foundation for your beats, brimming with that unmistakable 12-bit character. (A wide selection caters to various feels)
  • Snares: Crisp, sharp, and bursting with personality, these snares slice through the mix with instant impact. Find the perfect sonic fingerprint to match your vision. (A range of snare sounds are included)
  • Cymbals: Add shimmering detail and punctuate your grooves with a selection of cymbal samples. From crisp hi-hats to crashing finales, elevate your drum tracks to new heights. (A curated selection awaits)

Plus, get grooving with a bonus beat:

  • Demo Track: Keepers of the Boom Bap Volume 2 (Demo Song) Prod. by Divided Souls Ent – This exclusive demo showcases the power of the drum kit in action, providing a potent example of the authentic boom bap aesthetic you can achieve.

12 Bit Soul-Keepers of the Boom Bap 2 isn’t just a collection of samples, it’s a portal to a bygone era of hip-hop production. Craft dusty beats that knock, soulful instrumentals with undeniable swing, or anything that craves that warm, lo-fi aesthetic.

Embrace the legacy of boom bap and get ready to baptize your beats with greatness. Get 12 Bit Soul-Keepers of the Boom Bap 2 today!

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