12 Bit Soul Volume 5


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Unite the holy trinity of lo-fi with 12 Bit Soul Volume 5! This streamlined sound kit focuses on the essential elements, meticulously crafted to deliver pure, unadulterated vintage heat.

Forge the foundation of your beats with these three core components:

  • Kicks: Dive into a selection of thumping kicks, each brimming with that unmistakable 12-bit weight. Lay down the low-end with these powerful low-frequency titans.
  • Snares: Add instant bite and character with a curated collection of crisp, tight snares. From classic cuts to characterful textures, these snares will slice through any mix.
  • Hi Hats: Infuse your rhythms with shimmering detail with a selection of hi-hats. Each sample is dripping with analog warmth, ready to breathe life and movement into your grooves.

12 Bit Soul Volume 5 transcends mere samples. Every sound has been meticulously processed through legendary hardware, capturing the essence of classic SP-1200 sampling and dusty MPC grooves. This meticulous treatment infuses each hit with undeniable vintage character.

This isn’t just a sound kit, it’s a portal to the lo-fi promised land. Craft dusty hip-hop gems, soulful instrumentals, or anything that craves that warm, nostalgic aesthetic. 12 Bit Soul Volume 5 provides the essential tools to build your lo-fi masterpiece in perfect simplicity.

Embrace the raw power of yesteryear. Unlock timeless sonic flavor with 12 Bit Soul Volume 5!

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