12 Bit Soul Volume 7


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Inject your beats with the raw, vintage soul of the E-mu SP-1200. 12 Bit Soul Volume 7 meticulously captures the essence of this legendary sampler, delivering a production-ready sound kit that’s perfect for producers and musicians seeking that unmistakable analog warmth.

Inside you’ll find 6 folders brimming with sonic goodness:

  • Kicks: Punchy and low-end heavy, these kicks lay the foundation for your grooves with that classic 12-bit character. (56 samples)
  • Snares: Crisp, tight, and bursting with personality, these snares will add instant punch and cut to your drum tracks. (59 samples)
  • Hi Hats & Percussion: A tight selection of shimmering hi-hats, shakers, and other percussive elements to add texture and detail to your productions. (16 samples)
  • Drum Rolls: Elevate your drum programming with 20 expertly crafted drum rolls, perfect for creating dynamic transitions and fills.

More than just samples, 12 Bit Soul Volume 7 is a sonic journey. Every sound has been meticulously processed through classic analog gear (Mackie 1604 mixer, MPC2000XL sampler) before being captured by the iconic SP-1200. The result? A collection of samples that are not just sonically rich, but imbued with the undeniable character of lo-fi production.

12 Bit Soul Volume 7 is your gateway to the golden age of beatmaking. Whether you’re crafting dusty hip-hop beats, soulful instrumentals, or anything in between, this sound kit has the tools you need to take your productions to the next level.

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