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Step back in time and ignite the golden age of hip-hop with Funk Lord V1! This comprehensive production toolkit captures the iconic sounds of Erick Sermon’s 90s production style, meticulously crafted by Rod ‘KP‘ Kirkpatrick, a legend himself. Funk Lord V1 delivers everything you need to craft head-nodding beats that ooze with vintage character.

Immerse yourself in the sonic arsenal of a bygone era:

  • Funk Lord (Sounds from Erick Sermon 90’s Production feat. Rod KP Kirkpatrick) Demo Beat prod. by Rod KP Kirkpatrick: This exclusive demo track serves as your blueprint for success. Witness the power of the included sounds in action, a full beat showcasing the perfect blend of drums, loops, sound effects, and strings, all produced by the legendary Rod ‘KP‘ Kirkpatrick.

Deconstruct and rebuild the groove with these meticulously sampled elements:

  • Drums: Punchy kicks, crisp snares, and shimmering hi-hats – the bedrock of any great hip-hop beat. Funk Lord V1 delivers a selection of meticulously sampled drums that capture the raw energy and vintage warmth of classic drum machines. (Expect a variety of samples to cater to different feels within the 90s boom bap style)
  • Loops: Spark your creativity and ignite instant inspiration with a curated collection of pre-programmed loops. These infectious grooves, brimming with classic chord progressions and funky basslines, provide the perfect foundation for your productions. (Explore a range of loops in different tempos and styles)
  • Sound Effects: Inject instant character and authenticity to your beats with a selection of classic sound effects. From scratches and vinyl pops to crowd noise and hype phrases, these one-shot sounds will transport your listeners straight back to the golden age. (A variety of sound effects are likely included to add texture and realism)
  • Strings: Add warmth, texture, and harmonic depth to your compositions with a selection of soulful string samples. Expect classic chord progressions and riffs, meticulously sampled to capture the unmistakable character of vintage recordings. (A range of string samples might be included to add musicality and flair)

Funk Lord V1 transcends mere samples. Every sound has been painstakingly processed through legendary equipment to capture the essence of classic samplers and drum machines. This meticulous treatment infuses each hit with undeniable character and a sound that sits perfectly in the mix.

This isn’t just a sample pack, it’s a time machine for your beats. Craft dusty hip-hop gems that pay homage to the greats, infuse your modern productions with a touch of old-school flavor, or create anything that craves that warm, nostalgic aesthetic. Funk Lord V1 provides the essential tools to resurrect the golden age and reignite the fire of hip-hop.

Embrace the legacy. Reclaim the groove. Get Funk Lord V1 today!

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