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The Vinyl Collection by Divided Souls Ent. crackles with nostalgic charm, transporting you to the golden age of vinyl recordings. This comprehensive sample pack captures the essence of classic LPs, meticulously crafted to infuse your productions with the warmth, grit, and character of yesteryear.

Embark on a sonic time warp with:

  • The Vinyl Collection (Demo Beat) Prod. by Divided Souls Ent.: This exclusive demo track serves as your vinyl passport. Produced by the masterful Divided Souls Ent., it showcases the potential of the included sounds, seamlessly integrated into a captivating composition that oozes with vintage character.

  • A Symphony of Analog Goodness: Prepare to be enveloped by a treasure trove of meticulously sampled elements, each brimming with the sonic fingerprint of vinyl:

    • Bass: Deep, thumping basslines with a touch of analog warmth provide the low-end foundation for your productions. Expect a selection of lines that would fit perfectly into classic soul, funk, or even early hip-hop tracks.
    • Drums: Crisp snares, punchy kicks, and shimmering hi-hats – all meticulously processed to capture the essence of vintage drum recordings. Expect elements that might have slight imperfections and a touch of tape hiss, adding to the overall vinyl aesthetic.
    • Guitars: Searing leads, funky rhythm parts, and soulful clean tones – all imbued with the warmth and character of analog recording equipment. Imagine these elements coming straight off a dusty vinyl record.
    • Horns: (This is a new addition!) A blazing section of horn loops adds a touch of classic soul swagger to your productions. Expect everything from funky horn riffs to soulful brass stabs, all processed to sound like they were sampled straight from a vintage record.
    • Sound Effects: Crackling vinyl, tape hiss, and other atmospheric elements to add a layer of undeniable authenticity to your productions. These subtle details will transport your listeners right into the heart of the vinyl era.

The Vinyl Collection transcends mere samples. Every element has been painstakingly processed to capture the sonic characteristics of classic vinyl recordings. This meticulous attention to detail ensures each sound integrates flawlessly into your mix, creating a cohesive and immersive soundscape that oozes with vintage warmth.

This isn’t just a sample pack, it’s a portal to a bygone era! Craft soulful anthems overflowing with vintage character, infuse your modern productions with a touch of nostalgic warmth, or simply add a layer of authenticity to any genre. The Vinyl Collection provides the essential tools to turn back the clock and create music that sounds like it was ripped straight from your favorite record store.

So, put the needle on the record. Get The Vinyl Collection today!

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