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12 Bit Soul: Pioneering Sound Design and Music Production for Native Instruments, Akai, and Top Artists

12 Bit Soul is a leader in music production and sound design, making top-quality content for big names in music software like Native Instruments, Sounds.com, Akai, and Waves. We're known for our creative work and high standards, which attract some of the biggest artists in the industry. We've worked with famous musicians including Public Enemy, Tricky Stewart, Needlz, Scarface, David Banner, Killer Mike, Stat Quo, and 2 Chainz, proving our ability to create unique sounds that enhance their music. We also team up with big companies like MTV, ESPN, and BET, creating custom sound solutions that reach a wide audience on various media platforms. Our focus on excellence and pushing the limits of sound design sets us apart and confirms our role as innovators in music production, always exploring new ways to be creative with sound technology.

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Meet Our Team: The Creative Force Behind 12 Bit Soul's Music and Sound Excellence

With more than 30 years of experience in the music industry, our expertise spans from studio production to business management, including roles such as assistant engineer, board operator, ADR recording, dialogue editing, and post-production. Our comprehensive skill set also covers A&R, artist management and relations, music publishing (administration and clearance), production coordination, studio management, digital marketing, and social media content marketing. This diverse experience ensures a holistic approach to music creation and business administration, making us a versatile partner in the creative space.


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Quittman Farmer

CTO Since the age of 15, Que has been immersed in the fields of design and technology, contributing to various industries with his expertise.

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