Southern Fried Volume 4


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The Audible Doctor is back for another serving with Southern Fried Volume 4! This monster collection piles your plate high with everything you need to cook up smoking Southern-fried jams. Buckle up for a genre-bending exploration that blends infectious grooves, soulful swagger, and a cornucopia of instruments, all meticulously crafted to capture the essence of the South.

Dig into a sonic smorgasbord featuring:

  • Southern Fried Volume 4 (Demo Song) Prod. by Divided Souls Ent.: Consider this your appetizer – a full-fledged demo track showcasing the potential of this expansive library. Produced by the renowned Divided Souls Ent., this song is a masterclass in blending the included sounds to create a cohesive Southern-fried masterpiece.

  • The Low-End Licker:

    • Bass: Dive into a deeper selection of thumping basslines than ever before. Explore a wider variety of samples brimming with deep, gritty character, perfect for locking in those tight Southern-fried grooves.
  • The Rhythmic Foundation:

    • Drums: A slamming selection of hard-hitting kicks, crisp snares, and shimmering hi-hats provide the backbone for your productions. Expect the perfect blend of modern production techniques and vintage warmth to create that undeniable Southern-fried feel.
  • Sizzle and Spice:

    • EFX: Add a sprinkle of sonic seasoning with a selection of classic effects – think scorching vinyl crackle, tape saturation, and other atmospheric elements to add an extra layer of authenticity to your productions.
  • The Six-String Soulmates:

    • Guitars: Searing electric leads, funky rhythm parts, and soulful clean tones return in this volume, offering an even more comprehensive selection of riffs and licks to inspire your next Southern-fried conquest.
  • The Brass Brigade:

    • Horns: (This is a new addition!) A blazing section of horn loops adds a touch of class and swagger to your productions. Expect everything from funky horn riffs to soulful brass stabs to elevate your arrangements.
  • The Keyboard Kings:

    • Keys: (This is a new addition!) Dive into a selection of greasy clavinet riffs, soulful piano chords, and funky organ stabs. These key elements, likely processed for vintage character, will provide the perfect harmonic foundation for your Southern-fried explorations.

Southern Fried Volume 4 transcends mere samples. Every sound has been meticulously crafted to capture the raw energy, vintage character, and undeniable groove of classic Southern-fried recordings. This meticulous attention to detail ensures each element sits perfectly in your mix, creating a cohesive and mouthwatering sonic feast.

This isn’t just a sample pack, it’s a full Southern-fried experience, served buffet-style! Craft irresistibly funky anthems, infuse your productions with a fresh helping of gritty soul, or create anything that craves that undeniable vintage warmth with an extra helping of Southern charm. Southern Fried Volume 4 provides the essential tools to create a full-course sonic experience that will leave your listeners begging for seconds.

So, grab your fixin’s. Fill your plate. Get Southern Fried Volume 4 today!

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