Southern Fried Volume 2


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Simmer down, grab a sweet tea, ’cause Southern Fried Volume 2 by The Audible Doctor is here to crank up the heat! This scorcher of a collection builds upon the legacy of its predecessor, delivering a deeper dive into the world of Southern-fried funk and blues. Filled with meticulously crafted loops and oozing with vintage character, Southern Fried Volume 2 provides all the tools you need to ignite your productions with infectious grooves and undeniable swagger.

Slide on your dancing shoes and get ready for:

  • Southern Fried Volume 2 (Demo Song) Prod. by Jeremy Platinum Platt: Immerse yourself in the full potential of this sizzling library with this exclusive demo track. Produced by the renowned Jeremy Platinum Platt, this demo showcases how the included bass and guitar loops can be seamlessly integrated to create a full-fledged Southern-fried masterpiece, brimming with gritty soul and infectious energy.

  • The Low-End Groove:

    • Bass: Expect an even wider selection of thumping basslines in this volume. Explore a variety of samples brimming with deep, gritty character, perfect for locking in those tight Southern-fried grooves.
  • The Six-String Soulmates:

    • Guitars: Dive into an expanded selection of searing electric leads, funky rhythm guitar parts, and soulful clean tones. This installment likely offers more riffs, licks, and variations to inspire your next Southern-fried conquest.

Southern Fried Volume 2 transcends mere samples. Every sound has been meticulously crafted to capture the essence of classic Southern-fried recordings, ensuring an authentic and unmistakable vintage character. This meticulous attention to detail guarantees that each bassline and guitar lick sits perfectly in your mix, radiating pure, unadulterated Southern heat.

This isn’t just a loop pack, it’s a full Southern-fried experience! Craft irresistibly funky anthems, infuse your productions with a double dose of gritty soul, or create anything that craves that undeniable vintage warmth with an extra helping of Southern charm. Southern Fried Volume 2 provides the essential tools to turn up the temperature and keep the party going all night long.

So crank it up. Let loose. Get Southern Fried Volume 2 today!

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