Southern Fried Volume 3


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Gird your loins, music lovers, because Southern Fried Volume 3 by Divided Souls Ent. slaunches onto the scene, ready to ladle another helping of that୫ (put symbol for registered trademark here) Southern-fried goodness! This expansion to the beloved series promises a deeper exploration of the genre, brimming with all-new guitar licks and a captivating demo song to ignite your creative fire.

Buckle up for a ride through:

  • Southern Fried Volume 3 (Demo Song) Prod. by Divided Souls Ent.: This exclusive demo track serves as your culinary guide to the sonic feast that awaits. Produced by the masterful Divided Souls Ent., this song showcases the potential of the included guitar loops, weaving them into a tapestry of infectious groove and soulful swagger.

  • A Six-String Symphony:

    • Guitars: This installment focuses on all things guitar, delivering a sizzling selection of fresh riffs, scorching leads, and soulful clean tones. Expect a wider range of styles and feels to cater to different subgenres within Southern-fried music, from funky grooves to bluesy ballads. (While bass and keys might not be explicitly mentioned, there’s a chance they’re included based on previous volumes)

Southern Fried Volume 3 transcends mere samples. Each guitar lick has been meticulously crafted to capture the raw energy and vintage character of classic Southern-fried recordings. This meticulous attention to detail ensures every note cuts through the mix with undeniable authenticity, adding a true Southern-fried flavor to your productions.

This isn’t just a loop pack, it’s a full-fledged Southern-fried kitchen sink! Craft irresistibly funky anthems, infuse your productions with a fresh helping of gritty soul, or create anything that craves that undeniable vintage warmth with an extra helping of Southern charm. Southern Fried Volume 3 provides the essential tools to simmer up a sonic masterpiece guaranteed to leave your listeners wanting more.

So, grab a plate, heap on the flavor. Get Southern Fried Volume 3 today!

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